Applicable to pack the glass bottle, PET bottle and cans in beverage, beer, food, medicine industries. Bottle Diameter: φ55-100, 330ml-1.5L, H=230-330
  • Packer/De-crater

  • Former

  • Sealer

Category Description Model Size(L*W*H) Installed Power Capacity
Case Packer Robotic Case Packer DBZ-JRZX180
4600×2850×2600 19KW 24000(BPH)-36000(BPH)
Horizontal Case Packer
5360×2105×3500±50 6.3KW 18000(BPH)-30000(BPH)
Horizontal Double Column Case Packer DBZ-ZX60
4300×3590×4365±50 11KW 40000(BPH)-60000(BPH)
Case Unpacker Horizontal Case Unpacker DBZ-XX45
5360×2105×3500±50 6.3KW Total 18000(BPH)-30000(BPH)
Horizontal Double Column Case Unpacker DBZ-XX60
4300×3590×4365±50 11KW Total 40000(BPH)-60000(BPH)
Case Former Case Former-Tape DBZ-CXJ30
2800×1150×1800 2KW 30-35(pcs/min)
Case Former-Hot Melt Glue DBZ-CX30
2800×1150×1800 6KW 25-30(pcs/min)
Case Sealer Case Sealer-Tape DBZ-FXJ40
1450×640×1300 0.8KW 35-40(pcs/min)
Case Sealer-Tape,Double Lane DBZ-FXJ70
1461×1056×1170 0.8KW 70-80(pcs/min)
Case Sealer-Hot Melt Glue DBZ-FX40
1500×790×1300 4KW 35-40(pcs/min)
Case Sealer-Hot Melt Glue Double Lane DBZ-FX70
1461×956×1170 5.5KW 70-80(pcs/min)
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