1. Website application
Tech-Long Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) was established by Guangzhou Tech-Long Packaging Machinery co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tech-Long”). It shall be deemed that the one who visits, browses and uses the Website has fully read, understood and given consent to the binding declaration and will strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations. Tech-Long reserves the right to modify, revise and renew the declaration without the prior notice.

The contents of the Website are merely used by the individuals, not for commerce purpose. Please respect and reserve the declaration on the copyright and other ownership right of the contents in the duplicates. The lack of declaration of rights doesn’t mean the Website does not enjoy or advocate for the rights of the contents, please follow the principle of good faith, respect the lawful rights and interests and use the contents legally. Do not modify, duplicate, publicly show, publish or release these materials in any form, or use them for any public or commercial purpose in other means. Do not use these materials in any other websites or other print media or network computer environment for any purposes. The contents, edition, etc. of the Website are under the protection of the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other related laws. The behavior of unauthorized use of the Website may constitute the infringement of the copyright, trademark and other legal right, Tech-Long reserves the right of recourse according to related laws. If you do not accept or break the above provisions, your authorization for the use of the Website will be terminated automatically, and you must destroy any downloaded or printed contents immediately.

2. Information disclosure
The Website information is not accompanied with the guaranty in any form, including the guaranty of marketability, suitability for specific purpose or non-infringement of intellectual property. Besides, Tech-Long does not guarantee the absolute accuracy and completeness of the Website information. The contents and the products, configuration, etc. mentioned in the contents are subject to changes without prior notice. Some contents may be outdated; Tech-Long makes no commitment of update. You can seek advice from Tech-Long’s contact person or agent.

3. Other declaration
The Website contents do not constitute or become an invitation or offer of investment or engagement in any parts of any bonds or securities, or act as the criterion or basis for any agreement or commitment.

Tech-Long will not assume responsibility for your entry into other websites through the interlinkage with the Website. When you enter into the other websites, you have fully understood that these websites are irrelevant with Tech-Long and are not within the control range of Tech-Long. In addition, the interlinkage of the Website and other websites does not indicate Tech-Long acknowledges or assumes liability for the use of the contents of other website.

4. The laws of the People’s Republic of China are applicable for the resolution of the disputes over the declaration or use of the Website.
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