As the rarer suppliers who has the key technology of PET blower and filler, Tech-Long is the pioneer of monobloc machine. Since 2009, Tech-Long developed the first blower-filler-capper monobloc, we keep improving and enlarging our products range. In 2013, Tech-Long launched ultra hygienic volumetric blower-filler-capper monobloc, which is the leading position in the world.
What Bottles We Can Blow?
Round Bottle Square Bottle Shape Bottle Light Weight Bottle
What Kind Of Products We Can Fill?
Bottled Water One Gallon Bottled Water Csd Beverages
Non-Csd Beverages Juice Tea Energy Drinks
Edible Oil Daily Cosmetic Products        
Plastic Flat Cap Plastic Sports Cap        
What Is The Bottle Size?
Volume(200Ml -10L)

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